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The Truth About Makeup & Texture

In today's digital age, where flawless skin is just a filter away, it's easy to feel discouraged about our own skin texture and fine lines. But here's the honest truth: everyone has texture and fine lines, it's completely natural! While makeup is transformative in many ways, it cannot erase these natural features.

1. Embrace Your Unique Texture:

First and foremost, it's essential to recognize that having texture and fine lines is a part of being human. Our skin is a living organ, constantly evolving and adapting to various factors such as age, genetics, and environmental influences. These natural features give our faces character and tell our unique stories. Instead of striving for unattainable perfection, let's celebrate our individuality and focus on enhancing our natural beauty.

2. Filtered Expectations and Social Media:

The rise of social media has undeniably influenced our perception of beauty. Filters and photo-editing tools have become the norm, presenting an idealized version of flawless skin that is unattainable in real life. It's crucial to remind ourselves that what we see on social media is often far from reality. Behind those perfectly airbrushed selfies, there are textures, lines, and imperfections that are skillfully edited out. Comparing ourselves to these unrealistic standards can negatively impact our self-esteem and make us believe that makeup alone can magically erase texture and fine lines when in reality it does the opposite

3. The Truth about Makeup and Texture:

Makeup can work wonders in concealing certain imperfections, but it cannot erase texture and fine lines. In fact, makeup actually magnifies these features, especially if the wrong products or techniques are used. Understanding the limitations of makeup is crucial to setting realistic expectations. Instead of trying to hide or mask texture, focus on using makeup to enhance your natural features and embrace the skin you're in, because we're all beautiful.

4. The Power of Skincare:

Investing in a good skincare routine is the secret to achieving amazing makeup results. Skincare lays the foundation for a healthy canvas, helping to minimize the appearance of texture and fine lines. A consistent regimen that includes cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is essential. Additionally, incorporating targeted treatments, like serums or IPL can help improve skin texture over time depending on the issue. By prioritizing skincare early on, you'll create a smooth and radiant base for your makeup and prevent aging from external factors. An important fact to keep in mind is: it is IMPOSSIBLE to decrease pore size. I don't care that cosmetic brands are marketing products to do this or even paying influencers to tell you otherwise. Shrinking pores is literally impossible, and most cosmetics marketing is lying to you while they laugh all the way to the bank. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

5. Enhancing Natural Beauty:

Makeup should be viewed as a tool to enhance, rather than hide, our natural beauty. Instead of striving for a perfectly smooth canvas, focus on using makeup to correct discoloration, bring out your best features, and boost your confidence. Choose lightweight, breathable formulas that won't settle into fine lines or emphasize texture. Techniques such as color correction, strategic highlighting, and soft-focus application can help create the illusion of smoother skin while maintaining a natural appearance.

In a world that often promotes unattainable beauty standards, it's important to remember that texture and fine lines are natural and part of what makes us unique. Social media's popularity of filters and photo editing has skewed our expectations of what makeup can truly achieve. Instead of chasing perfection, let's celebrate our individuality and invest in a skincare routine that nurtures our skin. By embracing our natural texture and using makeup to enhance our best features, we can confidently showcase our unique beauty to the world.

Love and beauty,



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